Thursday, July 31, 2014

Let Me Entertain You...

An introduction is, I believe, in order.  I am the freaky chick in the office.  The horror fanatic.  The one with all the toys in her office.  And they all know Halloween is my favorite pagan holiday.  Secretly, many of them probably think I've got a few dead bodies stashed under my bed.  I'm a little bit... odd.  I admit it.  I never quite clicked with the other girls my age.  I chalk it up to bad timing and shitty location.  You know the drill - wrong place, wrong time.  If I had been born in a more metropolitan area, where culture was more diverse - or where they at least knew what culture was.  If I came along a few years earlier during the punk era, or a few years later during that brief period when Goth was a lifestyle instead of a bad horror movie trope.  But I grew up in a town with Mayberry aspirations, in the era of the hair band.  And for those of you who think Motley Crue and Poison are punk rock, may Ozzy and Sid Vicious torment your dreams.  There's nothing badass about Bon Jovi.  So I had to assimilate - at least on the outside.

But times have changed.  We live in an era where the odd and unusual are making their way into the mainstream.  And so weird may become the new norm.  Perish the thought.  And yet, why do I feel guilty now for enjoying some little "acceptable" pleasures?  I feel as if I'm betraying the standards of the fringe society. 

Okay, what the hell was I talking about again?

Right... So - the point of all this.  I write fiction mostly, along with these occasional streams of self-conscious nonsense.  But I mostly keep it to myself.  Because it can get a little strange.  You probably noticed.  Some time ago, I started putting some of my work into a blog.  And I got sidetracked.  Or bored.  Whatever.  This is attempt two. 

I had warned my meager number of followers that I might do reviews, but I never got around to it.  I do write the occasional review on Netflix or Amazon.  Mostly I just review stuff in my head.  But I recently came across a new world of bloggers.  People who review subscription boxes.  And what I noticed - I couldn't relate to any of them.  There are Mommy reviewers; blech, kids.  There are some beauty-focused reviewers that kind of come across as crazy shallow (sorry ladies).  And then there are the great vloggers, who I can totally relate to, that obviously have WAY more technical know how than I do.  Hell, I'm still trying to figure out how to take decent pictures with my digital camera.  But most of these guys - and yeah, most of them are guys - don't so much review their subscription boxes as make videos going, "Wow, this is cool!"  And while I'm sure the folks who run these services think that's awesome, it doesn't really tell me anything.  Shit, some of these services are expensive.  I want DETAILS!

So what can you expect here?  Well, reviews, duh.  Of subscription boxes, definitely, but maybe other stuff eventually too.  Thus, the title of the blog.  I promise to be honest - no kissing up to anybody to get free crap.  I also promise to tell you what I think of both the boxes AND the products.  Too many sites telling me, "Oh, I like this," or "This is a really great brand."  Um, I don't care.  Like I said, DETAILS.  Tell me what I'm getting, is it worth it?  Yeah some of these services provide product reviews on their websites, but not all.  I want a one-stop review.  And that's what I'm going to attempt to provide.  Maybe I'll even eventually learn how to use my camera so i can put in pictures.

First review will be up soon.  This weekend if not sooner.  I'll either do a review of Birchbox or Horror Block.  Feedback is definitely welcome.  Especially if you're tech savvy.  Because I'm a bit of a noob here.  And if you don't know what that means, this isn't the site for you.  Oh, and in case you hadn't noticed, I'm not always G-rated in my lingo.  If that offends you, too damn bad.  I'm the one writing here.  If you want rainbows and unicorn farts, I'm sure that's out there somewhere.  You're welcome to it.

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